We all know that health is priceless. Our ecological cleaning supplies are of natural origin, safe and biodegradable.

We use a new generation of bioactive and biotechnological cleaners.

Not only natural, but also sustainable.

Enzypin's new generation of cleaners, based on the results of many years of research and innovation, are based on new principles, green technologies, and raw materials directly from nature itself.

It is not a combination of so-called naphtha chemistry and natural components, or natural synthesized raw materials in an attempt to give the product a ‘nature friendlier’ characteristic of most of the ‘ecological’ chemical products currently found on the market. Enzypin detergents contain up to 99 % of natural raw materials in a unique compound in an unaltered form. The products are made using Mediterranean pine (sea pine, ld.k. Pinus pinaster) extracted herbal raw material, surfactants of plant origin, and bioactive impurities (enzymes) which can help to break down protein and fat dirt and starch-like high-polymer substances.

All Enzypin products are licensed under the EU Ecolabel ( The products are 100% biodegradable and completely safe for humans and nature. Cleaning products do not cause allergies (recognition of the Estonian Allergies Association) and have a soothing effect on the skin.

The characteristic aroma of the products is that of the herbal raw material. Enzypin detergents are concentrated and very effective.

What is biotechnology and how is it used in the world of cleaning supplies?

Biotechnology is an area of applied biology that uses carefully selected bacteria, and their products, to improve human health and their living environment.

In the world of detergents, sometimes live bacteria is used in specific areas of detergent development. (e.g. water treatment, septics, etc.) Most of the new H.T.S. Biotechnological products, however, have been developed using the BIOSURF® method, which does not contain live bacteria, but rather biotechnological surfactants produced by the bacteria, which is almost 500 times more effective than the synthetic ones.

If you order eco-cleaning, from the WeClean team, you can be sure that your room will be clean and the air fresh.